H.I.S. differentiates their online travel presence with ITA

11/23/2011 04:00:00 PM

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H.I.S., one of the largest Asia-Pacific multinational travel agencies, wanted to make it easier for customers to plan travel online. They also knew they would need flexible and advanced airfare shopping tools to complete a critical project to reengineer their booking platform. After careful evaluation they chose our airfare pricing system, QPX™.

On November 15, 2011, the H.I.S. and ITA teams successfully completed the first phase of the project, launching QPX live on the H.I.S. consumer website, his-j.com.

With its global headquarters in Japan, H.I.S. is considered a leader in the retail agency domain. They have more than 280 walk-in outlets in Japan, with more than 108 branches in over 84 international cities. 

Kiyoshi Takano, executive officer and general manager, information system division, H.I.S., said “I’m delighted to have selected and now deployed ITA Software. QPX will help us differentiate our online shopping experience, by offering more innovative and comprehensive airline products -- regardless of the point-of-sale.”

We’re looking forward to working with H.I.S. as they expand their global online presence.

To learn more about ITA, visit www.itasoftware.com.

Posted by David Peller, General Manager, EMEA/India/Asia-Pacific