Talk with the experts in our new Matrix and OnTheFly discussion forum

1/18/2012 10:30:00 AM

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Many expert flyers use our powerful Matrix and OnTheFly search tools to help find the perfect flight. In Matrix, you can use our advanced routing language, calendar view, and multi-city search to construct the right search to meet your needs. OnTheFly gives you a streamlined mobile interface to help you narrow down your options quickly.

Today we added a new discussion forum to help users get even more out of Matrix and OnTheFly! The discussion forum provides a venue for all users to get help from a large audience, including Googlers with both an extensive knowledge of Matrix technology and the airline industry, as well as external Matrix and OnTheFly mavens. It’s a space where power users can share tips with one another and learn how other people are using our products.

Interacting with our users in the forum will help us get to know you and your priorities even better. The forum will also supplement our recently revamped help content for Matrix and OnTheFly as a knowledge repository of tips and tricks for getting the most out of our products.

We hope you’ll drop by the new forum and leave us a note!

Posted by Jacqueline Dozier, Consumer Operations