ITA by Google and MileWise let you search flights in cash, miles and points on your mobile phone

12/20/2012 10:17:00 AM

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Recently, we introduced MileWise as one of our newest QPX™ customers. MileWise presents users with real-time flight prices shown in cash, airline miles, and hotel and credit-card points -- on one screen. MileWise also tracks traveler reward program balances, status and expirations, combining that data with travel and redemption preferences, to recommend the best way to pay.

Now, MileWise users can search with our QPX pricing and shopping technology on and their iPhones (Android will be available in Q1 2013). This means MileWise users have improved speed and range of search options whether they’re using their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the features MileWise users have access to with MileWise for iPhone: 

Innovative search features enabled by QPX 
  • Combo Fares: combine two one-way tickets for big potential savings 
  • Recent Searches: quickly re-try searches to see if that mileage seat has opened up 
  • Search Filters: full set of filters so users can find exactly what they’re looking for 

More innovative features for MileWise users 
  • Track 500+ programs (including airlines, hotels, credit cards and many others) 
  • Explore great places to go using individual points and rewards 
  • Expiration Alerts: never lose hard-earned miles and points again 
  • Receive Price Alerts 
  • Activity notifications when status level or balance changes 

Sanjay Kothari, Co-founder, MileWise, said “To become the best one-stop travel search engine, we needed an amazing mobile offering. With ITA's help, we believe we were able to deliver that. And, our Android mobile and tablet versions will be released in the first quarter 2013.”

Congrats to MileWise for their successful launch. MileWise for iPhone is available for download at

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Posted by Asif Khan, Sales and Business Development Manager