Top three reasons StudentUniverse uses QPX™

10/25/2011 12:30:00 PM

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When StudentUniverse, the largest student travel deals site in the United States, wanted new airfare pricing and shopping technology, they knew exactly what they needed:

  1. Cost savings, 
  2. A better shopping experience for their travelers, and 
  3. A partner who could adapt to changing customer needs quickly and reliably. 
We strove to meet all three of their needs. Firstly, within the first month of switching to our QPX airfare pricing and shopping system, StudentUniverse saved tens of thousands of dollars as a result of lower query costs and efficiencies in searching.

Secondly, StudentUniverse travelers can now shop for the lowest fare within a +/- 3 day window of their preferred departure or arrival date. This makes it easy for students to figure out the cheapest way to go on winter break, spring break, or semester study abroad programs.

Finally, because we’re working so closely with them we’re able to anticipate peaks in volume when students are planning for these events. We can add new servers and expand capacity within only a few short weeks to handle the increased traffic without interruptions.

Check out the full case study to learn more.

Posted by Harriet Holcomb, Technical Account Manager