American Airlines amplifies results with Boombox™

11/15/2011 12:30:00 PM

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Travel companies work hard to make finding deals easy online; however, developing their websites can require a significant investment of resources and time.

That’s where our Boombox platform can help. It’s a middleware system that offloads much of the technical burden for travel companies. This means new airfare shopping features can go from concept to prototype to production more quickly -- and with fewer resources.

American Airlines launched Boombox last year and they’ve added several new features to since. The first addition was making their price and schedule matrix the default shopping flow. This change made it much easier for travelers to evaluate price differences between fare classes, which led to an added benefit for AA - a higher number of sellup conversions.

They also used Boombox to launch AAdvantage DealFinder, a pricing and shopping feature that makes it easier to provide more targeted offerings to their travelers.

American Airlines has been a customer since 2004 and an early adopter of many of our products. In addition to Boombox™, American Airlines uses QPX™, Reward Shopping, ReShop™, DACS®, and most recently ITA Merchandising.

“American has steadily built its relationship with ITA because we align in key areas such as vision, leadership, and innovation,” said Monte Ford, the senior vice president and technology and chief information officer at American Airlines.

Check out the full case study to learn more about the results AA has achieved so far, with Boombox.

Posted by Nate Nottke, Senior Technical Account Manager